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Infinitum Clavis
We aim to provide you with a fresher and healthier skin

made in USA

Infinitum Clavis

We produce products, valuing people and the environment, in our private laboratories approved by the FDA. We produce cosmetic skin care products against skin aging and skin problems, as well as raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, food supplements and peptides for healthy living, in our facility in New Jersey.

We aim to provide you with a fresher and healthier skin. Therefore we produce and make available skin-friendly products you need. We produce our products in our FDA-approved, private laboratory equipped with high technology, from active ingredients again approved by FDA.


Our goal is to produce the most advanced anti-aging skin care products with new technologies. In this context, we allocate 30% of our budget to R&D studies. 

We conduct researches to obtain the best product with the latest technology to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, discolorations and other blemishes on the face, neck and eye contour, and to eliminate the scalp problems.

Who we are

Our Story

In a private FDA-approved laboratory in New Jersey, a team of dedicated individuals produced exceptional products while prioritizing people and the environment. Led by Dr. Emily Mitchell, they crafted cosmetic skincare products against aging, raw materials for pharmaceuticals, food supplements, and peptides for healthy living. Their commitment to innovation and ethical practices set them apart, transforming lives around the world.